Takeaway cakes

Avoid FOMO - especially when it comes to our gluten free eclairs, which usually sell out early!

We don't make all cakes every day so we might not have your favourite when you visit. You can pre-order many of our gluten free cakes and slices. Calling at least the day before on 0421 542 401 means we can put them aside for you before your visit.

You can also pre-order full cakes for pickup by phoning 0421 542 401 starting from $40 per cake.

Thanks for supporting us!

cakes by the slice

Bakewell tart $5.00 (GF, DF)
Chocolate mousse cake $5.00 (GF, nut free, egg free)
Dark chocolate cake $6.00 (GF, DF)
Lemon drizzle cake $6.00 (GF, DF)
Panforte di Siena $6.00 (GF, DF, egg free)
Raspberry ricotta cake $5.00 (GF, nut free)
White chocolate cheesecake $6.00 (GF, nut free, egg free)

individual GF cakes, tarts, slices and scones

Caramel slice $5.00 (GF, nut free, egg free)
Carrot cake $6.00 (GF)
Cherry ripe slice $5.00 (GF, nut free, egg free)
Churros (3) $12.00 (GF, nut free)
Cinnamon sugar donuts $5.00 (GF, nut free)
Eclair $8.00 (GF, nut free)
Lemon meringue tart $5.00 (GF, nut free)
Profiteroles $3.00 (GF, nut free)
Scones (2) $5.00 (GF, DF, nut free)

whole cakes

Whole bakewell tart $45.00 (GF, DF)
Whole chocolate cake $40.00 (GF)
Whole lemon drizzle cake $40.00 (GF, DF)
Whole raspberry ricotta cake $40.00 (GF, nut free)
Whole white choc cheesecake $40.00 (GF, nut free, egg free)