• Media page 21/08/2019

    We've created a page of media mentions for your reading pleasure - choose Media from under the Cafe menu.

  • Urbanlist mention 19/06/2019

    We were pleased to get a mention in the list of most sustainables cafe in Perth at the Urbanlist.

  • Hoorah! 23/05/2019

    We did it! We are the second Coeliac Australia accredited restaurant in Western Australia and the first in a wine producing area. As there are only 25 accredited restaurants Australia wide, it's a big deal for us and for our coeliac visitors.

  • Fish and Chip Friday Nights 30/04/2019

    We'll be running Fish and Chip Friday nights monthly, starting May 24th. So far we've scheduled May 24th, June 28th, July 26th, August 23rd and September 27th. Make your booking online or by phoning 0421 542 401. Looking forward to seeing you!

  • Little GF Store 17/03/2019

    For our coeliac and gluten free visitors, we've set up an area in the cafe for those hard to find items - like GF Pastry Flour, Waffle Cones and Gravy Mix. Let us know if you're chasing anything in particular.

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