Coeliac and gluten free visitors

We have many menu items that we make that are gluten free by ingredient. Wherever possible, we make our items gluten free on purpose to minimise the chance of accidentally serving a gluten containing meal.

To minimise the chance for cross-contamination we have:

  • A dedicated gluten free preparation area away from our wheaten preparation area
  • Separate utensils, boards, plates and trays for gluten free food preparation
  • Separate fryers for chips and gluten free fried goods
  • A dedicated toaster for gluten free breads and rolls
  • Chosen to make our products gluten free by ingredient as the default where ever possible
  • Chosen to buy products manufactured as gluten free as the default where ever possible
  • Trained our staff in dealing with food intolerances and cross contamination
  • Decided to prepare gluten free items in the kitchen in the morning before we work with wheaten flour
  • Made our display fridge completely gluten free
  • Covered potentially risky foods in shared fridges with plastic wrap

We are always happy to chat with you so you can evaluate whether you want to eat at our café.

We have relatives with severe food intolerances so we understand the anxiety associated with eating somewhere new.